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Welcome to the GearCity official web page!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own car company? Now you can in GearCity. Whether you want to be the next Henry Ford or Enzo Ferrari, GearCity is for you.

Start out in your office and control every facet of your company. Design chassis, engines, transmissions, and bodies. Set up branches to distribute vehicles to dealerships. Build factories and set production lines. Handle marketing and racing budgets and hire lobbyists to get juicy government contracts. Make sure your products target the correct demographics and are the right price or your competition will crush you. If you can dream it, you can build it, with GearCity.

Armed with a realistic economic simulator, historical economic data for 274 cities, hundreds of AI competitors, a detailed automobile design system, and powerful Ogre3d graphics, GearCity aim to provide the most realistic and enjoyable automobile management game to date.

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What is Gear City?

Gear City is an Automobile Manufactoring Business Simulator also known as a Tycoon game or an economic Mogul game.
You have one simple goal, stay in business. To do so you will need to build, design, sell, market, negotiate, and crush your competition.

When will Gear City be released?

Open Beta was released March 2013. A full length Beta should be available for purchase in Q1-Q2 2014

Minimum System Requirements?

800MHz (x86 CPU)
64MB OpenGL 1.2 or DirectX 9 compatible Video Card
Windows XP or newer, OS X 10.4+, Linux
*Listed Minimum Requirements are for Windows computers, System Minimums have not been tested on macs or *nix boxes

When is beta?

It's already out! Check out the open beta page.

How does vehicle design work?

Vehicles in GearCity have 3 major components: Chassis, Engines, and Gearboxes. The player is given control over selection of key parts of the components as well set the desired dimisons and goals for their engineers to focus on.

After the components have been designed (and they all work together) a vehicle can be made. The player will select the type of vehicle, the components and then the body.
The body designer allows for multiple morphs to the main body. These morphs allows various designs from one body. Each vehicle has at least 20 of these morphs. With over 300 vehicles, the options are limitless.
Finally the accessories, tires, parts and custom paints can all be applied to the body, all of which have their own sets of morphs.

How will the business side of the game work?

Essentially the game is ran hub style much like Detroit and Motor City. The office is the main connection point to the other parts of the game. It also is the focus point for human resources, union negotiation, charts/figures, news, lobbying, etc. In the world map screen you control production, distribution, and marketing in major cities.
There are 274 cities in the game, all with historical data figures from 1900 to 2010. This data includes but is not limited to: population, per capita, manufacturing capacity, infrastructure, growth rates, and tax rates. Only one factory and distribution branch can be built per city. Dealerships automagically appear based on the quality of your branch/service/sales. These dealerships are the front line to the population.
The "Realistic Economic Simulation Engine" processes each person in the buying pool so they find exactly the right car for them. The game also features approximately 300 AI competitors, a financial sector, and contracts/contracting.
Our fundamental goal is to create a realistic simulation of the economics that affect automobile manufacturers. We believe this will make the game harder and as a result more fun than Tycoon style games.

Is there multiplayer?

The game was designed with singleplayer in mind. If we sell enough copies to warrent a sequel, then there will be multiplayer.

Where did this Idea come from?

In 1994 during the golden-age of management games, Impressions Games released Detroit. The very next year Max Design GesMBH released Motor City. Although neither games achieved blockbuster sales, they garnished a cult following and were moderately successful. These two titles allowed you to take charge of a car company. Both have their pros and cons. Sadly the cons generally out weighed the pros.
With the growth of 3d graphics, management sims slowly died out. For a brief period in the early 2000s the success of Roller Coaster Tycoon brought forth a "Tycoon boom", which saw the market flooded with low quality casual business sims. One of these tycoon games was Car Tycoon. Hampered by bugs and quality issues the game was a major flop.
With the lack quality in the genre, and feeling the need for a modern version of Detroit or Motor City, Eric Jones founded VENT to create high-quality hyper-realistic business sims. Gear City will be VENT's first product.

What is VENT?

Visual Entertainment and Technologies was founded in August 2010, in order fill the need for high quality niche-market computer games. Unlike most other independent developers we have no interest in building the next World of Warcraft or the next mainstream console FPS. Instead we focus on genres of yore, the forgotten genres that have been overlooked by the glitz and glam of major publishers and studios.

What about the team?

Eric Jones - Owner, Programmer, and Artist
Serhiy Pazelskyy - Artist
Amit Shaikh - Artist
Ashwin Menon - Artist
Jakub Kozak - Artist
Joe Burrows - Artist
Kristin Burdal - Composer

Open Beta

We're pleased to announce GearCity Open Beta for Windows is available for download!
To report bugs or offer feedback please visit our forums: www.ventdev.com
Note: Avast users may get a false positive when using charts. Please report this as a false positive to avast."

Demo Download:

GearCity Open Beta 1.23 for Windows
Mirror #1 (www.gearcity.info)
GearCity Open Beta 1.23 for OS X
Mirror #1 (www.gearcity.info)
GearCity Open Beta 1.23 for Linux
Mirror #1 (www.gearcity.info)