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What To Do Next Main Tutorial This video continues off after the Main Tutorial, and it gives tips on what to do next after the main tutorial. It covers the main gameplay loop of designing a car, selling the car, setting production, adjusting production after a turn, and building new factories, branches, and designs. 13:21
Supply, Demand, and Pricing Economics 101 This tutorial covers the basic economic concept of supply and demand. It also shows examples inside of the game to maximize your profits based on supply and demand. 3:05
Total Unit Costs Economics 101 This tutorial video for GearCity explains the Material Costs, Manufacturing Costs, and Total Unit Costs found in the Branch Distribution window. It also gives you tips on how to use these variables and warns about the dangers of a demand death spiral. 3:26
Designing Cars (Full)
Vehicle and Component Design This tutorial shows you tips and tricks with the Advanced Designer system, which can help improve your designs. 11:06
Brass Era Designs Vehicle and Component Design This tutorial gives you general tips and thoughts on designing vehicles between 1900 and 1918. It also gives you real-world recommendations of vehicles to base your designs on. 4:00
Over and Under Designing Vehicles Vehicle and Component Design This tutorial points out the flaws of over-designing and under-designing vehicles and why you should avoid doing either. 2:39
Trims Vehicle and Component Design This tutorial shows you how and why to use the vehicle trim system. 3:22
Design Cycle Vehicle and Component Design This tutorial video for GearCity explains how you should handle the replacement of components and vehicle designs. 5:55
Monthly Sales Report Reports This tutorial breaks down each item in the Monthly Sales report and shows you a couple of features of the vehicle sales table. 8:33
Sales and Production Reports Reports Several reports in the game show your sales and production based on different criteria. This tutorial covers these reports, where to find them, and what makes them different. 2:55
Income Reports Reports We'll go through reports that contain revenue information about your company. This tutorial mostly focuses on reports found in the Revenues Menu. 3:01
Expense Reports (Full) Reports This tutorial is an overview of the expense reports in Operations Menu. 9:04
Ratings Report Reports There are a few reports in the report system which have to do with company image and skill ratings. This tutorial covers some of those. 4:34
Data Reports Data Reports This tutorial covers the reports in the reports system that contains miscellaneous data information about your company and the game world. 3:03
Chart Reports Reports This video is a brief rundown of the dedicated charts in the Reports System. 4:13
Dynamically Generated Report Reports This GearCity tutorial video shows you how to access dynamically generated reports. Most of these reports require player input, such as selecting a city or a vehicle. And you have to click on a line graph button in the UI to access them. 2:43
Individual Stock Report Reports In this tutorial, we show you how to open a detailed report about any publicly traded company in the game. 7:38
Wealth and Buyer Rating Report Reports We cover one of the most important reports in the game, the Wealth Demographics and Buyer Rating Table report. This report shows you how many customers can buy your vehicle and then breaks down how we calculate your vehicle sales in the selected city. 7:40
Buyer Rating Breakdown Reports We go through each row of the Buyer Rating Table and explain what the variables are. 14:25
Districting Factories & Branches Districting Go through the World Map Districting system and learn how to manage your factories and branches with regional or country Districts. 4:16
Creating Custom Districts Districting Learn how to create a custom district. 2:35
Shipping Distance Shipping This video covers the basic concepts of shipping, the order the game ships vehicles, and how to set shipping distances for individual vehicles. 3:10
Bulk Shipping Tools and Locks Shipping The game includes a way to manage multiple vehicle's shipping distances in bulk. This tutorial covers shipping distances at the branch level, district shipping, and district locking. 4:21
Autoproduction Shipping Restrictions Shipping The Autoproduction System overrides any shipping distances you set up. But the Autoproduction system does have a couple of ways you can restrict shipping. 5:05
Shipping Costs Tips Shipping This tutorial breaks down how we calculate shipping costs and what you can do to reduce it. 7:50
Production Production This video covers some concepts of the production system and provides a few tips for manually managing production in the game. 6:53
Autoproduction Production This tutorial gives an overview of the Autoproduction system and how it works. 4:39
Stocks Financial Systems This tutorial goes through a basic overview of GearCity's stock system. See the Stock Reports video tutorial for coverage of additional metrics. 5:03
Marques And Acquisitions Financial Systems We'll cover the creating and discontinuing marques, purchasing other companies, spinning off new companies, and why you would even consider any of these options. 8:34
Credit, Loans, and Bonds Financial Systems In this video, we explain what Lines of Credit, Loans, and Bonds are. And we also touch on which type of debt you should use in certain situations. 7:44
Unions, Pensions, and Benefits Financial Systems This video covers union negotiations, pensions, pension funding, and direct benefits. We also touch on some tips to help you when negotiating. 8:12
  • Main Tutorial(Full)
  • Main Tutorial This is a condensed version of the main in-game tutorial. We recommend the in-game tutorial over this video, but this video is here if you wish to quickly refer back to it. 14:42
    Branch Window Sales This tutorial covers the branch window's features, tips on building branches, and touches on the branch distribution system. 7:37
    Racing Racing In this video, we cover how to set up a race team, team focus sliders, and how the game calculates racing results. 11:24
    View Competition Showroom, Vehicle Sales We cover the various ways to view competition's vehicles prices, sales, and company information. 4:28
    Factory Window Production This tutorial covers the options and features of the factory window located on the world map. The tutorial also works for districting factory window as well. 7:25
    Factory Window Marketing This tutorial covers marketing in GearCity. It touches upon how to set budgets, the efficiency ratings, how marketing works, and why it is important. 4:42
    Research And Design Skills Vehicle and Component Design This video covers how sub-component research works in the game. How research teams work and how design skills work. 5:20
    Licensing Licensing This tutorial video covers licensing designs from other companies and licensing your designs to other companies. 6:32
    Outsourcing Licensing We cover buying outsourced designs, managing outsourced orders, and offering designs for outsourcing. 5:50
    Outsourcing Licensing This video gives an overview of the platform sharing system and how to disable it. We recommend you do the Licensing video tutorial first before doing this tutorial. 2:18
    Bidding For Contracts Contracts This tutorial covers the basics of contracts and how to submit a bid for them. 5:21
    Filling Contracts Contracts We cover what to do after winning a contract. We look at how to select which factory vehicles are pulled from, and how to assign components to factories for production. We also touch on some war contract restrictions. 4:30
    How the Game Selects Contract and License Winners Contracts This tutorial covers how the game makes contract and license selections. It does not provide a complete detailed break down, but it should give you a general idea of what you need to do to win contracts. 5:19
    Taxes and Lobbying Miscellaneous We explain how taxes work in the game, including taxes on income and import taxes. We also touch on lobbying, lobbying efficiency, and what lobbying does for you. 5:28
    War Miscellaneous This tutorial covers wars. We explain limit and halted market status. We touch on production and sales restrictions, war contracts, munitions production, and answer a few common questions. 5:08